Team Master’s Projects 2022–2023

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Developing Standard Work and Risk Assessment to Improve Critical Operations
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Bioreactor Studies – Lab Based
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Automation Discovery in Clinical Supply Chain
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Manufacturing Cost Standards
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Digital Integration and Visualization
Improving Master Data Quality
Boehringer Ingelheim Bio
Plant Capacity Modeling
Boehringer Ingelheim Bio
Downstream CFD Modeling
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Single Use Bioreactor Environmental Impact
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Gut Microbiome Studies
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Integrated Solutions for
Sample/Reagent/Instrument Management
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Supply Chain Technology Solutions
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QC Data Governance Modeling
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Optimize Global Calibration Services Organization
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Supply Chain Logistics
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Modeling Protein Chromatography
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Global Clinical Development Plan
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US Commercialization Strategy
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NATx Customer Evaluation
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FDA Filing Documentation Preparation
"We would definitely consider hiring KGI students. We find them to be of very high quality and some of the best trained students out there."
Michael Bransby
Director of Process Technology at Repligen

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