Every project lifecycle is unique, but the following timeline can aid in planning a nine month long TMP:

  • September-December: Schedule a KGI visit to your site to discuss TMP possibilities
  • November: Draft a short list of possible projects and get organizational buy-in
  • February: Submit one page project description
  • March: Recruit summer intern to kick start the project
  • April: Review and return TMP contract
  • May: Attend public presentations of current year project teams
  • September: Attend Kickoff Day at KGI

As a sponsor, you will collaborate with KGI. From a curricular perspective, KGI expects each team to present internal status-to-date reports in the fall and spring. In May, each team must create a comprehensive confidential written report plus presentation to be delivered to the sponsor. Additionally, KGI requires each team to make a public presentation to the KGI community and corporate guests.

Each sponsor will identify additional deliverables for its team. These could include data sets, laboratory results, competitive analysis, business plan creation, computational models, and the like.

Any intellectual property created by the team during sponsorship remains the property of the sponsor. Should any team discovery be deemed worthy of patent protection, KGI will so advise the sponsor, and will collaborate with the organization in preparing materials.

All students and faculty involved in your project sign Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs).

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