#121 – David Robinson

In this event, KGI Dean of Research Larry Grill interviewed David Robinson, Deputy Director, CMC Vaccines Development and Surveillance at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Robinson and his […]

#120 – Data Scientists Panel

As part of the Pandemic Solutions: Virtual Speaker Series, KGI Professor Animesh Ray interviewed a panel of professional data scientists. The data scientists are from companies that are members of […]

#119 – Dr. Steven Galson

As part of the Pandemic Solutions: Virtual Speaker Series, KGI’s Rajesh Parti interviewed Dr. Steven Galson, Senior Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs and Safety at Amgen. Dr. Galson has […]

#118 – Brian Hill

As part of the Pandemic Solutions: Virtual Speaker Series, KGI’s Bernard Tyrrell interviewed Brian Hill, Director of Supply Chain at Gilead Sciences. Hill has years of experience in the biotechnology […]


Kiana Aran Shares Insight with CRISPR Medicine News

KGI’s Kiana Aran talks about the first products in quality control for CRISPR gene-editing, and how she expects the CRISPR-Chip soon to revolutionize biology. The article, “The CRISPR-Chip can optimise […]



Is Occupational Therapy a Good Career?

Occupational therapists are highly educated medical professionals who possess advanced knowledge of physical, mental, and behavioral therapy. Practitioners work with patients who have limited self-care abilities across a number of […]

How to Become a Pharmacist

Pharmacy is almost like an open secret in the medical field. Not only do pharmacists command high salaries (median $128,000 per year), but their role is also increasingly important as […]

How to Get Into Pharmacy School

There’s good news for prospective pharmacists: It might be easier to get into pharmacy school than you think. A pharmacy degree prepares you to become a fully licensed doctor; yet […]