Courses in the Certificate in Applied Genomics are delivered online with a schedule designed for working professionals. Participants will benefit from dynamic, live class sessions led by KGI faculty and genomics subject matter experts, in addition to hands-on activities designed to emphasize course learning objectives. There are five courses followed by a capstone. 

As enrolled KGI students, participants will also have access to all of the resources and services available to students at The Claremont Colleges, including library access and opportunities to engage with an innovative learning community.

Course List

Course Number
Course Name
CAG 9010
Fall 1 or 2
CAG 9020
Fall 1 or 2
CAG 9021
Spring 1 or 2
CAG 9090

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you may enroll in course as a stand alone course or you may complete the entire Certificate in Applied Genomics.

  • For CAG 9001, the prerequisite is an bachelor degree in a relevant field of biology.

    For all other courses, an bachelor degree in a relevant field related to biology or healthcare is required. Several years of relevant biotechnology work experience may also be considered in lieu of an bachelor degree.

  • Yes, these courses are currently being offered online via Zoom and will include both synchronous meetings and asynchronous work on Canvas, KGI’s Learning Management System.

  • There will be a minimum of approximately 1.5 hours of asynchronous work required between class sessions