Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scientists with business training will be better prepared to move into managerial positions within companies as their careers progress. Academic scientists routinely participate in entrepreneurial ventures to commercialize technologies developed in their labs.

  • KGI is a professional school dedicated to educating scientists for careers in industry. KGI has developed a wide portfolio of professional courses aimed at life science professionals, including extensive offerings in the management of bioscience companies.

  • PhD students and postdoctoral fellows studying life sciences or engineering

  • To apply for the Certificate of Bioscience Management program, please complete an online application.

  • The program consists of 9 credit-hours of courses taken as 4.5 credits per semester for two semesters. It can be accomplished while pursuing full-time work or research at your current institution. Current PhD students or postdocs are welcome to apply.

  • Please check out the Tuition and Cost of Attendance page.

  • Please contact the admissions office at or 909.607.8590.