KGI’s MS in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling (MSGC) program emphasizes interprofessional collaboration, systematic problem solving, the safe, efficient, and ethical use of biotechnology, and personalized patient care. This will be accomplished through a variety of experiences including rigorous didactic course work, clinical training, research preparation, and supplementary activities such as case conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs, and seminars.

The MSGC program has established affiliations with multiple genetics centers throughout Southern California which will offer access to tremendous resources for clinical, industry, and laboratory experiences and provide a culturally dynamic and enriching environment for genetic counseling students.

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The field of genetics has changed dramatically over time. Therefore, the student experience at Keck Graduate Institute will involve a strong foundation in principal genetic counseling skills coupled with progressive and rigorous didactic learning, fieldwork experience, and research development in order to meet and anticipate the evolving needs of the genetic counseling profession. The combination of the program’s faculty, the diversity of fieldwork experiences, and the cultural excitement of its location in Southern California will make this program exceptional and inspiring.

The program will provide each student with the understanding and experience to become an innovative, inspired, and proficient genetic counselor. Upon graduation, students will:

  • Be professional, motivated, ethical, and culturally engaged genetic counselors.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the ACGC Practice-Based Competencies
  • Exhibit and apply depth, understanding, and knowledge of genetics and genomics core concepts and principles.
  • Use innovative and active techniques for critical thinking, problem-solving, clinical reasoning, and self-directed, life-long learning.
  • Collaborate with leaders of the health care and bioscience industry to continue in professional development.
  • Practice effectively in a wide variety of currently existing and potential future roles in hospitals and medical centers, community settings, academia, and the biotechnology industry.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, caregivers, and health care, regulatory, and industry professionals.
  • Sustain a culture of professionalism and collegiality.

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