The mission of KGI’s Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPA) program is to develop high-quality physician assistants (PAs) who are dedicated to advancing healthcare through leadership, commitment to their communities, and the compassionate care of diverse populations.


KGI’s MSPA program will redefine PA education through innovative teaching methods, rich clinical experiences, interprofessional collaboration, and leadership training. Our graduates will play an integral role in promoting health equity and shaping the future of healthcare in clinical, administrative, and academic roles.


  1. Recruit and matriculate a diverse class of highly qualified students.
  2. Provide innovative, student-focused instruction to ensure the academic success of each of our students.
  3. Create a team-based environment within the KGI healthcare and bioscience programs through strong interprofessional collaboration.
  4. Develop strong leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills through didactic instruction, engagement in advocacy efforts, and leadership opportunities.
  5. Encourage a strong dedication to serving the needs of diverse communities with compassion, sensitivity, and cultural awareness.

Upon matriculation of the first class, the KGI MSPA program will begin providing evidence of its effectiveness in meeting program goals. The data will be updated annually.