Graduates of the Master of Business and Science (MBS) program will:

  • Translate research into commercial products, processes, and services
  • Make strategic and ethical decisions
  • Apply regulatory and legal guidelines
  • Lead and mentor their professional and personal communities
  • Communicate with teams, employers, and the public

The Master of Business and Science program is also a PSM. What is a PSM?

Professional Science Masters (PSM) degrees provide advanced training in science or mathematics while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers. KGI’s MBS is an early pioneer of the PSM; there are now almost 300 PSM programs offered nationally.

What sets KGI’s MBS program apart from other Professional Science Masters?

KGI offers its students many opportunities throughout the program to work with companies in its extensive network of biotech and healthcare companies. These opportunities start in the first year with course assignments in which teams of students prepare reports for outside companies; continue during the summer with internships, and culminate in the second year with the capstone Team Master’s Project (TMP).

Few other schools offer students the “real world” practice KGI students gain during the TMP, in which teams of three to five students work with sponsoring companies in a year-long consulting assignment to solve real problems. Students form interdisciplinary teams and work with faculty and industrial advisors to perform contract research. Student teams create budgets, develop timelines, and describe deliverables. At the end of the academic year, they present confidential and non-confidential reports of their work.


of MBS Alumni Have a Job Within Six Months of Graduating


Average Salary for MBS Alumni

"At KGI, I learned not only in the traditional classroom setting, but also from industry experts, accomplished alumni, and peers at various events organized by the Institute."
Pratyusha Roy
Engagement Manager, Research Communities, 23andMe
Master of Business and Science, '12