KGI and Southwestern Law School partnered in 2013 to establish an exciting Bioscience Industry Law and Practice certificate program to provide law students and Master of Business and Science (MBS) students with a unique understanding of the interplay between law and the fast-growing bioscience industry.

Through this certificate program, qualified Southwestern students with an interest in intellectual property, for example, can take courses at KGI in the area of technology management, entrepreneurship, and bioscience related industry dynamics – important given the critical role of IP in these industries. Conversely, qualified KGI students interested in bioscience industry dynamics could take courses at Southwestern in intellectual property law, patent and trademark law, and regulatory law as it applies to health care and the bioscience industry.

This certificate program is small and highly competitive with approximately two to four students from each school each year. The schools will select candidates for the program from among their student bodies. Southwestern students will have up to two years to complete the policy certificate program. KGI MBS students must complete the certificate program during their second year.

Program Overview

Through this program, KGI students complete courses at Southwestern Law School, such as health care regulations, legislation, patent law, drafting technology agreements, IP licensing, and patent preparation and prosecution. Students will need to complete a minimum of 4.5 equivalent units at KGI and 4 units at Southwestern to earn the Certificate in Bioscience Industry Law and Practice (KGI courses generally count for 1.5 or 3 units; Southwestern courses are generally 1, 2 or 3 units). Course descriptions and complete details, including perquisites and number of units can be found on the Southwest Law Program information page.

If interested, please speak with Dean Steven Casper at