Paths to the Program

The Master of Business and Science program at KGI admits students from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. However, they share a common goal of becoming professionals in roles that influence and improve healthcare.

Undergraduate majoring in biology wanting to translate fundamental science into life-saving products
Person at entry level position in life sciences wanting to accelerate on path to leadership positions
Biology student wishing to transition to business while leveraging education
Bioengineering student interested in becoming an entrepreneur


Visit the admissions page to learn more about the application process, and opportunities to visit KGI.

Academic Experience

Teams of students work together on coursework that provides both the breadth and the depth of knowledge needed for their future careers. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed with the input of industry advisors to prepare students with the precise skills that are sought after in the job market.

MBS Academic Experience

The team-based approach to the academic experience at KGI models the working environment of professionals and builds a comradery among students who will become professional colleagues and invaluable resources to each other. The on-campus housing project, anticipated to open Fall 2018, will help strengthen those ties.

Students develop and practice professional skills through opportunities such as regularly occurring industry talks, industry sponsored projects, access to advisory council members, advising from KGI alum, recruiting events, and more.

Careers and Achievements of Program Alumni

We measure the success of our program by the successes of our alumni, and, we are proud to share our record of achievement.

90% of alumni placed in industry within 6 months of graduation
Careers in diverse functional areas across multiple life science industries
70% of graduates earn their first job through a direct KGI connection
Over $150,000 average salary of alumni 3+ years post-graduation


Positions span industries such as biologics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices as well as functional roles such as consulting, research and development, conducting clinical trials, project management, marketing, and strategy.

But there is more to success than just numbers. Hear directly from our alumni about their experiences by visiting our alumni profiles page.