The PPM Program can be taken in three configurations:

1. Full-time program starting in September. Students selecting this option complete the PPM program in 9 months, residing at KGI during a normal academic year. Students typically take 18 units per semester, including the TMP project. An advantage of this program is that students can finish in 9 months, plus students are “in synch” with KGI’s normal academic year and can easily tap into co-curricular related professional development opportunities as well as KGI’s normal orientation week. While it is not possible to complete a company internship while registered as a KGI student under the 9 month option, it is possible to complete an internship prior to or after completing the program.

2. Full-time program starting in January. Under this option, students enroll in the program for a full 12 month calendar year. An advantage of this option is that students can participate within KGI’s industry internship program during the Summer. While KGI does not guarantee internships, the Institute has long standing contacts with numerous employers interested in recruiting KGI students for paid internships. The January starting time does create challenges for students, however, in that students are not “in synch” with KGI’s normal academic year and co-curricular activities.

3. Part-time program. It is possible to enroll in the PPM program on a part-time basis, typically while working. There are two basic plans for taking the program part-time:

a. Four semester option. This is the most common part-time option, and allows students to work on the degree part-time over two academic years. Students pursuing this option normally take all required introductory management courses and some electives during the first year, and the TMP and additional electives during the second year.

b. Three semester option. It is possible to take courses part-time for one academic year, and then enroll full-time for a third academic semester to finish the degree. This option takes careful planning, as students must take two full semesters (12 units) of the TMP course to graduate. Students pursuing this option would typically need to enroll in the TMP during the second and third semesters of their PPM residency.


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