Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) provides a unique opportunity to push pharmacy and genetics education to a new level because of the culture, resources, and networking KGI offers. Graduates of the KGI School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences are well equipped to meet the needs of a rapidly changing healthcare system.

Our PharmD graduates are prepared to play a primary role in matching drugs and therapies to a particular patient. They are also equally well qualified to work in a traditional pharmacy setting, in regulatory affairs, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our MS in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling program is dedicated to the education, training, and development of genetic counselors who are innovative, collaborative, articulate, and caring. Our MS in Human Genetics and Genomic Data Analytics program features a unique combination of foundational coursework in human genetics, cutting-edge courses in the applied life sciences, and an innovative human genomics curriculum.

Changes in technology and biotechnology have led to advances in diagnostics, devices, biologicals, and information handling. We now have better tools to help us determine the best drugs and mechanisms of delivery for an individual patient; we don’t need to rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The landscape of healthcare has changed so that cost-benefit analysis must be used to weigh the risks for specific therapies; the right therapy may vary depending on the patient’s age, genes, environment, or even personal choices. 

The philosophy behind the development of the PharmD and genetics curriculum at the KGI School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is to use the integration of subjects and extensive use of technology. The school is structured to enhance the education of all students by incorporating active learning, as well as inter-professional and teamwork experiences.

In order to meet healthcare challenges in the coming decades, we are going to need professionals who are resourceful, data-savvy, and highly adaptable. Graduates of the KGI School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will possess all of these qualities, as well as many others, that will make them sought-after employees in multiple healthcare sectors.


Kathy Webster Kathy Webster, PharmD, PhD 
Founding Dean, Professor 
KGI School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences