The practice of Pharmacy is about to change dramatically. Advances in genomics and a convergence in the use of therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices will alter the practice of medicine, and the pathways to develop and gain approval for these new modalities. Healthcare professionals must work together to deliver the best care efficiently, economically, and safely.

Bioscience and healthcare businesses are evolving to adapt to this revolution, and will welcome licensed Doctors of Pharmacy who are appropriately trained. The KGI School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was designed to address these changes. Keck Graduate Institute is poised to educate pharmacists for a new era of medical practice and for emerging opportunities in the life sciences industry.

The curriculum builds upon KGI’s current programs, integrating pharmacogenomics, delivery of new molecular and cell based-therapies and diagnostics, pharmaco-economics, bioinformatics and medical informatics, and clinical trial management and regulatory affairs. This innovative program augments the traditional Doctor of Pharmacy degree to produce leaders in the bioscience industry, regulatory agencies, healthcare systems, and modern clinical practice.

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