• Yes. The contemporary nature of the KGI PharmD curriculum incorporates a greater focus on medication therapy outcomes, Operations Management/Industry, Health IT, and Clinical/Regulatory Affairs.  In order to have time to incorporate these innovative topics into the curriculum, it is expected that students will have a solid understanding of Anatomy and Physiology (including the lab) prior to entering the KGI PharmD program.

  • Estimated entering class size each year is 80 students.

  • The PCAT is not required. Official TOEFL scores are required for graduates whose Bachelor’s degree is from outside the U.S.

  • No. The KGI PharmD Program admits in the fall semester only.

  • Yes. Seats will be filled as qualified applicants are identified.  Thus it is advised for students to apply as early as possible, as seats may be filled before the final deadline occurs.

  • The KGI PharmD program accepts all applications via PharmCAS.

  • Applicants selected for an interview will be notified by email. Interviews are typically conducted at the KGI campus in Claremont from October through April.

  • Early Decision is an opportunity for applicants to apply to one school early and ensure that their application is reviewed priority, before the majority of other applications start coming in for the cycle.

  • Applying Early Decision has many benefits including:

    • Securing your spot early (if accepted) 
    • Saving the time and expense of applying to multiple schools
    • Gaining more time, once accepted, to look for housing and prepare for Pharmacy School
  • No. All students will begin as first year students.

  • Once your application is verified by PharmCAS, the Pharmacy Admissions office will begin the review process. If the Pharmacy Admissions Office determines that you qualify, you will be sent an invitation to interview via email along with a link to the supplemental application.

  • If the course you took is not listed on the prerequisite guide, please send the following information to pharmacy.admissions@kgi.edu for review:

    • Name of school
    • Course number/name
    • Course description
    • Number of credits (semester or quarter)
    • Grade you received in the course (if applicable)
"Pharmacy is an exciting field due to the fact that there are many different avenues one can take, whether it be clinical, community, pharma, or research, just to name a few."
Sagar Bhakta
Doctor of Pharmacy, '18

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