The KGI School of Community Medicine will educate physicians and healthcare practitioners for the future.

The KGI School of Community Medicine will prepare talented students from underserved and underrepresented communities as highly skilled physicians and healthcare practitioners. These students will have the passion, skills, and knowledge to improve health and lower demand for medical care in those communities using the robust new precision health and medicine tools.

KGI seeks to address several national healthcare challenges.

Significant barriers discourage many students of color from pursuing careers in healthcare—especially medicine—including uneven academic backgrounds, prohibitive cost, lack of role models and information, and bias.

Yet, their communities often suffer disproportionately from poor health and heavy burdens of preventable disease and need well-trained professionals who know and understand them.

Scientific advances, communications technologies, and powerful computer-based analytic tools are changing care for the sick and injured, as well as our ability to promote health and prevent many illnesses.

From training to treatment, however, today’s medical care system emphasizes sick care. Consequently, professionals who can help communities improve health and reduce the burdens of illness are in short supply.

The preparation of healthcare professionals is prohibitively expensive. Burdensome debt discourages many lower-income students from pursuing careers in healthcare or from entering practice in lower-paying areas like primary care or community and public health if they do become doctors.

KGI is responding to the nation’s healthcare challenges

Within the United States, we are seeing:

  • Widening health disparities
  • Too few qualified healthcare professionals to care for underserved and underrepresented communities
  • Inadequate preparation in healthcare promotion, disease prevention, and team-based care
  • Growing costs to educate healthcare professionals

While KGI cannot solve the nation’s problems singlehandedly, we can demonstrate how to select and educate highly qualified healthcare professionals to choose to work in the communities that most need their help and expertise.

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KGI has established a Council of Medical School Deans to ensure that MSCM graduates are prepared for medical school. The SOM Board of Governors (BOG) is responsible for guiding the development of the academic programs, while the Advisory Council (AC) represents experts from fields critical to the program’s success. Meet the BOG and AC.