KGI has a strong focus on active learning and teamwork throughout our programs. Students at the KGI School of Community Medicine (SOCM) will be engaged from the first day in a uniquely collaborative culture inside and outside the classroom with genetic counselors, bioprocessing and medical device engineers, pharmacists, and scientific researchers.

The ability for students to work shoulder-to-shoulder with KGI researchers and industry partners to develop new tools to manage and improve the health status of individuals and populations will be unique among all U.S. medical schools.

Through the collaboration of researchers from diverse academic, industry, and community backgrounds, the KGI SOCM will reward creative thinking and encourage continuous, cutting-edge experimentation, which is essential to accelerating discovery.

SOCM Vision

We have the tools—the science, the technologies, and the understanding of how to use them—to change what we’ve done before.

  • We can improve health.
  • We can prevent many illnesses before they threaten one’s quality of life, let alone livelihood, and even life.
  • We can help patients who live with a chronic condition make the decisions to live healthier lives and avoid the severe downstream consequences of their illness.
  • We can use today’s technologies and science to provide guidance directly to consumers to help them stay healthy and decide whether or not they need to seek medical care from the formal medical care system.
  • We can identify who is at risk of developing severe conditions because of their genetics or where and how they live.

We know how to do these things! To realize their promise in practice, KGI plans to prepare physicians and other healthcare professionals with the perspectives, knowledge, and skills to help communities in need.

SOCM Objectives

While we cannot solve the nation’s healthcare problem’s single-handedly, KGI will demonstrate how to select and educate highly qualified healthcare professionals to choose to work in the communities that most need their help and expertise.

KGI will partner with healthcare organizations, public health agencies, safety net clinical systems, NGO’s, and industry to improve health and lower demand for care.

KGI will bring new people into medicine and the healthcare profession. KGI will prepare students differently and plans to do so at a cost that is affordable for those students the nation most needs to train.