Our mission in the KGI School of Medicine (SOM) is to advance the knowledge of medicine and improve the health of our communities by preparing clinicians who will redefine quality and compassionate care.


Our vision is to create a new paradigm of medical education preparing clinicians for the 21st century.


  • Collaboration – Our graduates will have the ability to work successfully in teams as leaders and effective team members.
  • Science – Our graduates will have the skills to pursue the practical application of new scientific information and technology and apply them to patient care.
  • Learning –Our graduates will possess the curiosity and skills to pursue new knowledge and skills to refine and improve the practice of medicine over their lifetimes.
  • Discovery – Our graduates will have the tools to discover new social and cultural aspects of health.


  • Compassion – We have empathy for the suffering of others
  • Curiosity – We are inquisitive about patients and innovations in science and medicine.
  • Professionalism – We respect others, act with honesty, and maintain the highest ethical standards in judgement and conduct.
  • Humility – We appreciate the limits of our personal knowledge and experience and know when to seek help from others.
  • Community – We embrace our community and have a self-less concern for the well-being of others.