The KGI School of Medicine Board of Governors and Advisory Council provide insight and strategic guidance to the leadership team, spearheading the establishment of the KGI School of Medicine. It consists of executive-level leaders in healthcare, medical education, business, civic engagement, and finance.

Board of Governors

brewster cheryl
SOM Board of Governors; Professor and Senior Executive Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Roseman University Health Sciences, College of Medicine
SOM Board of Governors
molly coye
SOM Board of Governors; Executive in Residence, AVIA
SOM Board of Governors
Steven Galson
Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and Safety
Board of Trustees, Current, SOM Board of Governors
Dean, KGI School of Medicine
Dean, School of Medicine, SOM Board of Governors
KGI Trustee; Professor of Anthropology and former Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Inclusion, University of California, Riverside
Board of Trustees, Current, SOM Board of Governors
dr-richard seidman
SOM Board of Governors; Chief Medical Officer, L.A. Care Health Plan
SOM Board of Governors
Villa Komaroff
KGI Trustee; Consultant of Intersections: Science, Business, Diversity
Board of Trustees, Current, SOM Board of Governors

Advisory Council

Freddy Abnoussi, MD

Luther Brewster, PhD
Associate Dean, Roseman School of Medicine

Stephen Kosslyn, PhD
Founder of Foundry College

Eugene Lee
Founder and CEO, Motiv8 Technologies, Inc.

David Lindeman, PhD
Director, CITRUS Program, UC Berkeley

M. Brian Miller, MD
Johns Hopkins University of Medicine

Craig Mundie
Senior Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft and former Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer

Janet Nix, EdD
Chief Organizational Development Officer, Inland Empire Health Plan

Mary Pittman, PhD
President, Public Health Institute, Berkeley

Patrick Quinlan, MD
Chairman/CEO (retired) of Ochsner Health System

Todd Rose, PhD
Harvard University

Doug Scutchfield, MD, MPH
Founder, School of Public Health at San Diego State University; Founding Dean, School of Public Health, University of Kentucky

Roy Smythe, MD
CEO, SomaLogic

Fred St. Goar, MD
Practicing cardiologist; Vice Chairman of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation at Mountainview, CA; Advisor/visiting faculty member for the University for Global Health Equity, Rawanda

Andrew Thompson
Founder and CEO, Proteus Digital Health