SOM Academic Programs

The KGI School of Medicine will create an integrated five-year program that includes an online two-year Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM) degree, followed by a three-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

Students enrolled in the MSCM program will be prepared for employment as community healthcare specialists or can continue into medical school or other health professions.

Qualified MSCM graduates can enroll in KGI’s “medical school without walls” that provides in-depth preparation in community-based primary care and hospital-based specialty care. MSCM graduates can also apply to the medical schools included in our Council of Medical School Deans.

Residencies and advanced academic study provide further training in selected fields of interest.

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Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM)

The MSCM program prepares community medicine practitioners and leaders for careers devoted to improving health and preventing illness and injury.

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Doctor of Medicine (MD)

KGI's future MD program will educate healthcare professionals to deliver compassionate care in their communities. The MD program is not currently accepting applications.

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