The pharmaceutical and other biomedical industries require an understanding of both business and science to bring life-saving technologies to market. Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in Claremont, CA, offers two sessions of the Careers Beyond the Bench program to provide skills and professional development opportunities for undergraduates interested in careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or other biomedical product industries. 

During this challenging and fun online summer program, participants will learn about the business skills and career opportunities in the biomedical sector, providing an edge for pursuing science-based careers beyond the bench.

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2021 Program Dates

  • Online session #1 (general): June 14-July 2, 2021
  • Online session #2 (clinical regulatory focused): July 5-16, 2021

Session #1 focuses on interdisciplinary careers in the science-based industries enabled by KGI’s Master of Business and Science (MBS) program, which include:

  • Clinical and regulatory affairs
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations, manufacturing, supply chain
  • Project management

Session #2 emphasizes those careers that establish the safety, benefits, and cost-effectiveness of new treatments, corresponding to the Clinical/Regulatory Concentration of the MBS degree, and KGI’s newest program, the Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs (MSRA). These careers include:

  • Chemistry, manufacturing, and controls
  • Designing and managing clinical trials
  • Quality assurance and control for biomedical products
  • Market access and reimbursement for new biomedical products
  • Regulatory affairs

Students in both programs will participate in the Biotech Careers Speaker Series (BCSS),  and get a chance to hear and question industry veterans representing a wide range of career possibilities.

Program Activities: What You Will Learn

  • Gain expertise in bioscience business commercializing medical technologies (session #1)
    • KGI faculty and invited industry guests will teach participants about the organization of the bioscience biomedical industries and strategies used by companies in the industry to translate scientific discoveries into commercial projects. Students will learn about unmet clinical need, regulatory approval, economic value, intellectual property, market assessment, and other business-essential aspects of the bioscience biomedical industries.
  • Gain expertise in regulatory affairs (session #2)
    • KGI faculty and invited industry guests will teach participants about the FDA regulatory process, and how that impacts firms in the biomedical industries.
  • Learn about careers in the bioscience biomedical industries (both sessions)
    • Talks and workshops will be held with scientists and managers from the bioscience biomedical industries. Participants will learn about the activities of bioscience biomedical companies in different fields, ranging from drug discovery, medical diagnostics, and medical devices. Participants will also learn about a wide range of career opportunities within the bioscience biomedical industries and have an opportunity to interact with alumni from KGI that are currently working in industry.
  • Participate on a team-based bioscience biomedical business research project (both sessions)
    • Teams of students will work with KGI faculty to evaluate and propose a solution to a real-life biomedical need. These projects will allow participants to take a deeper dive into the strategies used by bioscience biomedical industry companies (session #1) or a specific aspect of the FDA regulatory process (session #2). At the end of the program, participants will have an opportunity to present their findings to a panel of KGI faculty.

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Application Procedures and Requirements

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    Application Deadline

    • June 7

    Application Requirements 

    An online application form is required that contains questions about your personal and educational background. Additional requirements (below) can be submitted along with your online application or separately:

    • Personal Statement
      • Please provide a brief statement of why you are interested in Careers Beyond the Bench and what you would like to do once you complete your undergraduate degree.
    • Resume
    • Letter of Recommendation
      • Contact information for one recommender is required during the online application process. This person should be able to evaluate your qualification and potential for success in our program. You can choose to use a professional or academic reference. Only one recommendation is required but additional recommendations may be submitted if desired.
      • Recommenders will be contacted via email to submit their recommendation online. If they prefer otherwise they can email or mail a copy to the Admissions Office along with this recommendation form
    • Transcripts
      • Unofficial transcripts may be submitted for evaluation purposes. Official transcripts are not required for admission but may be substituted for unofficial transcripts for admission review.

    Application Review

    The Admissions Committee is made up of faculty and senior administrators who will thoroughly and conscientiously review each application.

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • The program is designed for students who are juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates who can commit to 30-35 hours/week. 

  • There is a $20 application fee. Participants are responsible for having a personal computer with broadband Internet access.

    If you are in need of an application fee waiver, please contact