Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), a member of The Claremont Colleges, offers summer programs that will boost your academic career as you prepare for graduate-level studies or a career in healthcare or biotech.

These programs will not only help you decide your career pathway—they are also a great way to gain exposure to the biotechnology, medicine, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, while improving the skills and qualifications to boost your resume.

2020 Summer Programs

  • KGI’s BSUITE program for undergraduate research in bioprocessing and bioengineering provides undergraduate students, recent graduates, and those considering starting the MEng program with valuable laboratory experience through team projects based on tasks typically done in industry bioprocessing laboratories. Students will acquire specialized skills through learning opportunities not found at undergraduate institutions, while discovering career options within bioprocessing, biomanufacturing laboratories, and the manufacturing industry.

    June 15-July 24, 2020 

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  • The Botswana Summer Undergraduate Research Experience is a unique opportunity for students interested in acquiring experience in the applied life sciences while serving as cultural ambassadors. Students will spend the first four weeks of the summer in Botswana where they will take two hours of Setswana language and culture every morning, followed by lab work at the University of Botswana in the afternoon. The focus is on research and development of making vaccines in a developing country.

    2020 Dates: June 1-26 (Botswana) and June 29-July 24 (Claremont)

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  • The pharmaceutical and other biomedical industries require an understanding of both business and science to bring lifesaving technologies to market. KGI’s summer program will provide skills and professional development opportunities for undergraduates interested in careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or other biomedical product industries. During this challenging and fun five-week program, you will learn about bioscience business skills and career opportunities, providing you an edge for careers beyond the bench in these science based industries.

    June 22-July 24, 2020

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  • The nine-day Clinical Genetics and Bioinformatics Summer Program (CGB) at KGI is designed for undergraduates interested in learning more about human genomics, bioinformatics, genetic counseling, and precision medicine. CGB will expose individuals to fundamental principles of human genetics and cutting-edge applications of human genomics, and will enlighten participants about exciting career opportunities in clinical genetics and genomics. The program will include didactic classroom and hands-on laboratory components as well as field work experiences..

    June 22-July 2, 2020

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  • The Medical Device Development Bootcamp is a four-week experiential learning opportunity for students interested in learning the process for designing and manufacturing medical devices. Participants will learn how to assess user needs and generate ideas for devices that meet those needs. They will then experience the different stages of product development by working in teams to translate new ideas into device designs and then build those designs into prototypes. Finally, they will learn manufacturing and quality control/assurance methods, learning how to take their device from the prototype stage to a manufacturable product.

    2020 Dates: June 15 – July 17

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  • The five-day Pre-Occupational Therapy Program (PrOT) at KGI will provide participants interested in an occupational therapy career a chance to actively explore the profession through hands-on and interactive learning. Students will learn about the diverse scope of occupational therapy: what occupational therapists do, where they work, and populations they serve. Additionally, participants will learn about innovative and emerging occupational therapy practice areas that support health and well-being.

    2020 Dates: July 27-31

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  • The five-day Pre-Pharmacy Enrichment Summer Program (PrEP) at KGI is designed for prospective students interested in a career in pharmacy. Participants will explore the pharmacy profession through interactive classes and hands-on activities that will provide an introduction to pharmacy practice. Students will be introduced to the many career opportunities available in the field of pharmacy and exposed to ways pharmacists can impact patients’ lives beyond the traditional dispensing role. Program content may include laboratory sessions, clinical skills workshops, emerging pharmacy topics, problem-based learning, health information technology, poster presentations, professional development, an introduction to the pharmacy curriculum, and admission requirements. PrEP is open to high school seniors, undergraduate college students, and students who have completed their undergraduate degree but have not yet been admitted to a PharmD program.

    July 6-10, 2020

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  • Explore Health Professions is a two-week residential program of classroom and experiential learning to help students investigate what it means to be “premed.” The program is geared toward undergraduate sophomores and juniors, but is beneficial for anyone contemplating a career in healthcare. Students applying to graduate programs will also benefit through highly personalized advising and support.

    2020 Dates: July 13-24

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  • KGI’s SURE program for undergraduate research in biotechnology and bioengineering provides undergraduate students the opportunity for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the areas of applied molecular and cellular biology, bioengineering, and computational biology, as well as exposure to related ethics and business topics.

    2020 Dates: June 15 – August 7

    Deadline to Apply: March 1

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  • KGI offers several upper-level undergraduate science courses in the summer. These courses are open to all undergraduate students seeking careers in healthcare and/or the sciences, and fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for entrance into KGI’s School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Courses include:

    • Biochemistry (online or on-campus)
    • Drug Design (online or on-campus)
    • Genetics (online or on-campus)
    • Biostatistics (online or on-campus)
    • Human Anatomy with Lab (on-campus)
    • Human Physiology with Lab (on-campus)
    • Microbiology with Lab (on-campus)

    2020 Dates: June-August

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Download KGI’s Career Pathways E-book

Interested in pursuing graduate school? Our programs prepare students for careers in three broad areas—research, healthcare, and industry—yet the versatility of many of our degrees allows KGI graduates to work in a variety of settings. Exposure to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries is woven throughout all of our programs, giving students a unique exposure to opportunities.

Preview KGI's Graduate-Level Programs

    • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
      • The four-year PharmD program enables students to explore the full spectrum of career opportunities within this dynamic profession. KGI prepares student pharmacists for advances at the leading edge of pharmacy practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Visit
    • Master of Science in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling (MSGC)
      • The two-year MSGC program is dedicated to benefiting society through the education, training, and development of innovative, collaborative, and caring genetic counselors who will serve the needs of individual patients, the healthcare system, and the bioscience industry. Visit
    • Postbaccalaureate Pre-PA Certificate Program (PPA)
      • KGI’s PPA program mirrors the successful Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certificate program (PPC) by combining rigorous graduate-level applied life science curriculum with invaluable professional skills and competencies such as teamwork, public speaking, and interdisciplinary approach to solving tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. Visit
    • Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certificate (PPC)
      • For those aspiring to attend medical school, the PPC program augments your undergraduate degree with graduate-level science courses and advanced business studies that will be invaluable to you as a future physician. Visit
    • PhD in Applied Life Sciences
      • The PhD program is designed to educate technically competent, broadly trained, highly original scientists. It prepares students for research and development positions in a variety of bioscience, industrial or academic environments. Visit
    • Master of Science (MS) in Applied Life Sciences
      • Most students enter the two-year MS program during its second year, after completing the one-year Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certificate (PPC) at KGI. Most course work for the PPC program can be applied for credit for the MS degree. Visit
    • Master of Science in Translational Medicine (MSTM)
      • The two-year KGI-IMGS joint program is aimed at providing students with an applied research experience and an in-depth understanding of how to translate basic research into medical products. Visit