Individual online research projects 

2020 Dates:  June 15 – July 24 

  • Note: Students may start their online research projects earlier than June 15 or may continue working on projects after July 24 pending agreements with their research mentors. 

Public health/virology track 

2020 Dates:  June 15-July 3 (session 1) or July 3-July 24 (session 2) 

Drug Discovery team projects 

2020 Dates:  June 15-July 3 (session 1) or July 3-July 24 (session 2) 

  • Note: Students specifically interested in drug discovery and development have an opportunity to participate in a drug discovery program where they learn about drug discovery and development, as well as drug repurposing. KGI faculty and staff have designed and developed this program uniquely to expose participants to the excitement of drug paths from discovery to FDA approval to market.  
  • Students will work in teams to screen a drug library containing more than 1,500 FDA-approved drugs for treatment of various infectious diseases (drug repurposing). The experiments will be designed by the SURE students and performed by the KGI staff during live/recorded sessions. Students will also attend a graduate-level drug discovery course. 

Deadline to Apply: March 1, 2020

The deadline to apply for the 2020 SURE program has passed but we encourage you to apply for one of KGI’s other summer programs for undergraduate students:

Summer Programs in Biotech and Healthcare

The SURE program for undergraduate research in biotechnology and bioengineering at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in Claremont, CA, provides undergraduate students the opportunity for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary online research in various areas including:

  • applied molecular and cellular biology
  • drug discovery and development
  • bioengineering
  • computational biology
  • and exposure to related ethics and business topics

In addition to online research projects, the program offers seminars and presentations from faculty professors and industry speakers on a variety of biotechnology and pharmaceutics areas. 

Team Projects

Students also work in teams on bioentrepreneurship projects where they learn about:

  • needs assessment
  • market research
  • competitive analysis
  • technical development of drugs
  • risk assessment
  • cost of clinical trials
  • drug reimbursement

Additional Benefits

The program also includes a virtual City of Hope visitation day, as well as a series of talks by City of Hope clinical and translational medicine faculty. Program participants also take part in a series of workshops on scientific method, scientific writing, and presentations. By the end of the program, participants will receive extensive training in the design of experiments, team work, and will better their scientific writing and presentation skills. 

Who Should Apply?

The SURE program is appropriate for motivated undergraduate students majoring in biology, chemistry, engineering, or related disciplines. One of the program goals is to promote the success of women and underrepresented minorities in science and engineering.


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