• Send an email describing your situation and send it to the IT Help Desk and cc George Bradford.

    It’s also a good idea to communicate you are having technical issues with your instructor and inform them you have contacted the IT Help Desk and George Bradford, and that you will update them as the situation is resolved.

  • Always use this URL to log in: https://kgi.instructure.com/login/saml
    Copy this link exactly as it is now (not after using it) and bookmark it for future use.

    In the CAS window that displays, use the drop-down to select Keck Graduate Institute, and fill in your normal login details. This should open to your Canvas dashboard.

    canvas login sso

    If you do not get into Canvas after this, please send an email to Help Desk , Danny Zamora, and George Bradford.

    If you do get in, please send an email to Danny Zamora and George Bradford.

  • There is a very good tutorial that covers all of the things you can do in Canvas. You might be surprised at what you will learn and what you think you know.

    Send an email to IT Help Desk and ask to be enrolled in “Passport to Canvas (Student Training)”.

    The course will be added to your Canvas dashboard, and you can quickly move through it however you like, when you want.

  • Before you ask someone for help, check first if you can find the answer – this is often faster than waiting for one.

    Have you checked the Canvas tutorial “Passport to Canvas (Student Training)”? There are a lot of answers.

    passport to canvas

    Have you asked to be enrolled in the Canvas tutorial “Passport to Canvas (Student Training)”? If not, send an email to IT Help Desk now and ask to be enrolled in it. It will be helpful in any case.

    For technical situations with Canvas, send an email to IT Help Desk and in the subject line include “Technical support requested” and in the body of the email describe the technical situation you are experiencing. Please be aware that depending on the nature of your technical issue, it may be necessary to arrange for a meeting, which will not be convened immediately.

    The KGI IT Help Desk is not manned 24/7/365. Therefore if you have issues during non-business hours, weekends, or holidays, you may not receive a reply until the next business day, or longer depending on the number of cases being worked. In this situation, KGI has included 24/7/365 help through the organization who developed Canvas: Instructure. In Canvas, at the bottom of the left vertical navigation bar is a link to Help (see the “?” button). Use the Report a Problem link and follow instructions to explain your situation.

    canvas report a problem

  • For Canvas:

    Contact both George Bradford at George_Bradford@kgi.edu and IT at helpdesk@kgi.edu for technical support.

    Log in to Canvas using this URL: https://kgi.instructure.com/login/saml. Please bookmark the link to always use it to access Canvas.

    For Sakai:

    For technical support for Sakai, contact the Registrar, Melissa Brown at Melissa_Brown@kgi.edu .