Could you tell us a little bit about your educational background?

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences.

What first got you interested in the healthcare field as a career choice? There are a lot of career options in the field -nursing, physician assistant, etc., what made you decide that genetic counseling was the right practice area/career choice for you?

My mom currently works in the public health field focusing on Maternal and Child Health. I grew up following her around at work and spending my summers working with some of her staff. From those experiences, I gained a ton of exposure to different healthcare professions and from those experiences I met my first genetic counselor. In college, I developed an interest in genetics from college coursework and knew that I wanted a career that would be hands-on helping people. I also have the goal of bringing more Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) healthcare professionals to BIPOC communities. These communities are deserving of receiving services and being cared for by people who look like them and have lived experiences like theirs.

What type of obstacles have you had to overcome on the road to getting your education and in particular in pursuing your Genetic Counseling degree?

My biggest obstacle to overcome has been culture shock. As I’m from the East Coast and this is my first time being in California, let alone the West Coast. My original plan was not to go so far from home but I believe that you have to take a good opportunity when it presents itself. So I packed up my stuff and moved out here. Leaving family and friends has been hard and I’ve even had a hard time adjusting to Californian culture.

What are you most looking forward to about beginning your Genetic Counseling studies?

Overall gaining as much knowledge as I can about the field and finally getting to take part in and work in a field that I am passionate about.

What is one fun and interesting fact about you?

I play rugby and I’m really into fashion, I’ve even made my own clothes.