Tell us about the person you are nominating. Why are you nominating them?

Amparo is a sweet person who cares by helping people in need. She is very inclusive, strongly against leaving anyone out, and has organized fun events for MEng students to attend. She will also take the time to explain any classwork you don't understand, and she lives by the motto: If one fails, we all fail.

Briefly tell us about any contributions that this person has made to the KGI campus and/or the community.

This summer for BSUITE, she took it upon herself to take out international students out so they could have fun! She tried her best with everyone, so she offered her car and took them to some various hot spots in Southern California.

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight about this person (e.g. any fun facts or unique characteristics)?

She was in between two graduate schools, but she decided to go to Keck Graduate Institute because of the friendliness the school offered. She was amazed at how everyone was super happy and outgoing, and now she wants to be the next person to represent the school for prospective students.