What first got you interested in your field of choice?

I was first interested in pharmacy when I started enjoying chemistry in the form of organistry chemistry (ochem). It made a lot of sense to me when we finally got to the lab portion of ochem because we could see the properties of the molecules we were practicing on. A different melting point meant an impurity existed, which would make sense. In thin-layer chromatography, we could see the different molecules in a substance travel up and appear in different spots based on solubility. That is what sparked my initial interest in ochem. It was extended to pharmacy when I learned about chemistry in pharmacy. In ochem, we learned about how different functional groups can interact with each other. This is the basis of how medications work. I thought it was something tangible between ochem and medicine. I also was able to experience regenerative medicine as a class, which got me more into possible future medicine.

What type of obstacles have you had to overcome on the road to getting your education?

Getting over my poor study habits and trying to improve over my undergraduate years was a huge obstacle I had to overcome in my road to getting where I am right now. Other obstacles, such as financials and housing, were more easily cleared by school and outside resources.

How did you know that KGI was the right school for you?

KGI had a benzene ring as their logo, which I thought was really cool. Another thing I really liked about KGI was that it was in Southern California. As I did more research, I also found out about its many ties to industry, which made it all the more perfect for me.

Why did you want to become an Admissions Ambassador?

I want to spread awareness about how great a campus KGI is. I also want to talk about my experiences in school which would help other’s possible see a path they did not consider, or reassurance that there are many paths one could take to get to their end goal.

What is one fun and interesting fact about you?

My favorite dollar bill is the $10 because I really liked Hamilton.