Tell us about the person you are nominating. Why are you nominating them?

Cathy is a sweet, kindhearted, genuine, and driven individual who is both a supportive and inspiring friend! Her passion to dedicate her all is apparent through her high energy and genuine care for her commitments.

Briefly tell us about any contributions that this person has made to the KGI campus and/or the community.

As the Business and Science Representative in Student Government, Cathy is full of creative ideas that she brings to reality for her constituents in MBS and MSMDE to socialize, bond, and learn from. Aside from her many classes and active involvement in Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), she still makes time to plan events such as a Friendsgiving, holiday party, and the upcoming MBS retreat and Lunar New Year celebration!

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight about this person (e.g. any fun facts or unique characteristics)?

Cathy is extremely down to earth and knows how to make anyone feel instantly comfortable. She not only is confident and loving, but has a generosity of spirit that is contagious to all those around her. She is all around a very positive friend and peer on KGI campus!