Tell us about an experience you’ve had outside of class (an internship, research project, publication, etc.).

During my summer internship, May-August 2018, I was at Boehringer Ingelheim Inc, Fremont, CA. As an international student (and California being my first state to visit in the U.S.), it was a great opportunity to travel to the Bay Area. I noticed that the weather is so different from what we have down here. It was foggy and cold most of the time. The social life of the community too is somehow different, too many downtown areas to go shopping. I also took the BART for my first time to go visit San Francisco. Overall this was a wonderful experience.

What's one thing at KGI that no student should miss or what advice do you have for incoming students?

One thing that no student should miss is Orientation. To incoming students, be prepared for positive change and always ask for help when you need it.

Where is your favorite spot at KGI or in Claremont and why?

At KGI, my favorite spot is the round umbrella tables in front of Building 535 because I find this as a place to relax as I think about my next program of the day and it makes me think less about the stressful school environment.