Tell us about the person you are nominating. Why are you nominating them?

Jessica is an amazing student and friend. She commits 110% to her coursework and classes and devoting the same to her friends and fellow classmates. She is a leader within the class serving as one of the student representatives within the MEng class and has volunteered to attend recruitment events to spread the word about how great KGI is. She has a fun, charismatic personality that draws people to her in a comfortable and easy going way that encourages people to get to know her and involve themselves in more events and study sessions.

Briefly tell us about any contributions that this person has made to the KGI campus and/or the community.

When a fellow classmate was injured and on crutches, she did not hesitate to problem solve and help that student to get to class on time. This act just highlights her giving personality and kind heart. She helped her friend and classmate get to class as well as created a fun memory in the midst of a painful situation.

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight about this person (e.g. any fun facts or unique characteristics)?

Boba is her drink and she will never pass up a trip to T Pumps Tuesday! She is also very selective about her chicken wings. Firewings or nothing!