What first got you interested in your field of choice?

Growing up, I had always found that I had a passion for anything science related. While I had initially thought of pursuing that passion for becoming a healthcare professional, I explored other related fields when the pandemic hit. My search led me to WorksiteLabs, a healthcare startup where I found that my interests and passions lined up with working in the industry. I was fortunate enough to move up within the company and became a manager during my time there, which cemented my decision to pursue a career within a field where science and business intersect.

What type of obstacles have you had to overcome on the road to getting your education?

After I had graduated from undergrad, I felt lost and had a moment where I lost my sense of direction for my future. As someone who constantly planned for the future, not getting into grad school immediately after undergrad, like many of my peers, cause me to lose motivation. It eventually took me a few years to realize that passion and understand that there were different careers path other than the conventional ones that many of my peers had taken.

How did you know that KGI was the right school for you?

I was drawn to KGI after learning about their MBS program. As someone with a strong science background, I wanted to be able to use my background to work in industry, and the MBS program seemed like the perfect fit for me. I came to visit day and felt a strong connection to the school after meeting everyone and getting a chance to interact with the faculty. I went home knowing that KGI would be the place to push me to the next level in my future career.

Why did you want to become an Admissions Ambassador?

When I was learning about KGI, a big factor for me was the students and ambassadors to who I had spoken. Many of these students were my peers and hearing their perspectives helped cement my decision. They were a great resource to me during my application process, and I hope to be able to give that forward to any incoming students who may be in the same boat.

What is one fun and interesting fact about you?

I am an avid coffee enthusiast, and often find myself deep within espresso forums trying to make the perfect cup of coffee!