What first got you interested in your field of choice?

My childhood dream was to become a pharmacist. My passion focused on engineering, which swayed me to study toward a mechanical engineering background at Cal State Fullerton.

What type of obstacles have you had to overcome on the road to getting your education?

My biggest obstacle was deciding to either major in Mechanical Engineering or Pharmaceutical. My advisor highly recommended not to pursue both my major and minor studies due to their contradiction.

How did you know that KGI was the right school for you?

I wanted to attenuate and integrate my childhood passion for the pharmaceutical industry along with my undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. KGI offers a MEng program where I can integrate these two passions while prioritizing my engineering background.

Why did you want to become an Admissions Ambassador?

Being a Student Ambassador is an enriching opportunity both personally and in my career prospects after leaving KGI. As an Ambassador, I have the opportunity to be involved with many different types of work, allowing me to develop skills I have dynamically and gain new ones. I believe an ambassador is a student chosen to represent the school to prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process. Simultaneously, acting as liaisons between the school staff and students and those considering attending.

What is one fun and interesting fact about you?

One interesting fact about me is that I consider myself a mixologist when it comes to alcohol. I enjoy preparing, inventing, and serving cocktails. I have a Google Doc dedicated to different recipes that I adjusted to my tastebud. The recipes open to the public, so anyone is welcome to read through them.