Tell us about the person you are nominating. Why are you nominating them?

Rashad is one of the most kind-hearted people with the most contagious laugh! Not only can he brighten anyone's day, but he is an extremely diligent student who is constantly striving to learn more (you'll always catch him studying; he's so smart!). He is a big advocate for preventative health, and has an abundance of health-related experiences and information that he loves sharing with others.

Briefly tell us about any contributions that this person has made to the KGI campus and/or the community.

Rashad is the Vice President of International Affairs for KGI's APhA-ASP Chapter, where he recently helped facilitate a blood donation event with American Red Cross (up to 105 lives will be saved as a result)! He is also an all-star Graduate Assistant for the Division of Student Affairs, where he helps create awesome experiences for students at KGI.

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight about this person (e.g. any fun facts or unique characteristics)?

Rashad loves playing soccer-- you might see him kicking a ball around during his class breaks! He also prefers Chicago style pizza over New York style... even though he's from New York!