Tell us about an experience you’ve had outside of class (an internship, research project, publication, etc.).

An experience I had outside of class was working with Russle Benson, PharmD ’19 on a publication. It was for Rare Neurological Disease Special Report and the topic was called Update on Pharmacotherapy Epileptic Encephalopathies. We wrote about three diseases, which are West syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, and Dravet Syndrome. This was an exciting experience to learn about this topic since these diseases are considered rare diseases. For me personally, I enjoyed researching and reading articles on topics related to Epileptic Encephalopathies.

What's one thing at KGI that no student should miss or what advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice for incoming students is to start exploring career pathways and building a network early on. There are a lot of opportunities available in pharmacy. Getting involved in extracurricular activities in school will help one get acclimated, but having an idea of where you want to end up after graduation will help you mentally succeed in school.

Where is your favorite spot at KGI or in Claremont and why?

My favorite spot in Claremont is the Ronald and Maxine Linde Activities Center, specifically the indoor basketball gym. I play basketball there with friends and it is a way I relax after classes.