Dear KGI Faculty, Staff, and Students:

As we settle into the new year, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy.  COVID-19 case numbers remain very high, however LA County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer indicated in last Thursday’s telebriefing to higher education that the rate of infection may be decelerating or even leveling off, although it is too early to say for certain. 


Please see the attached communication from the Claremont Colleges Student Health Services regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

 Vaccine eligibility is determined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  In partnership with the CDC, the State of California formed a Drafting Guidelines Workgroup composed of immunization, geriatrics, ethics, epidemiology, health equity, and pharmacy practice experts.  More details about the CDPH’s vaccine program can be found here.  While different members of the KGI community may be classified differently due to their profession, age, or health, higher education workers as a class are currently part of Phase 1B Tier 1.  The State of California is currently in Phase 1B Tier 1, however the supply of vaccines is limited to such an extent that it is not possible to vaccinate everyone in Phase 1A, let alone Phase 1B.  Therefore, local health departments are using their discretion to prioritize vaccinations for those at highest risk. 

KGI and the other Claremont Colleges are located within Los Angeles County, the City of Claremont borders San Bernardino County, and we are only a few miles from Orange and Riverside Counties.  Information about each county’s vaccine programs can be found at these sites:

 To be eligible to receive a vaccine in a given county, you must be able to prove that you reside or work in that county and are eligible for the vaccine.  Paystubs or letters on letterhead, as well as government issued ID, are typically required.


Case Updates

  • Current Cases: 8
  • Past Cases: 11
  • These case numbers include any positive cases that were on campus during their period of infectiousness.

As a reminder, the KGI Coronavirus website provides all updates and resources in one centralized location for your convenience.

Be well,

KGI COVID-19 Task Force

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