Dear KGI Faculty, Staff, and Students:

We hope you all had a healthy and rejuvenating winter holiday break.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases in Southern California continued to surge over the past two weeks, breaking records for numbers of infections and stretching capacity at hospitals to their limits.  The Los Angeles County Health Department has revised the Health Officer Order and as of December 30th, 2020, Appendix W to the Health Order describes a mandatory quarantine order for anyone arriving in Southern California for non-essential travel:

Persons arriving in the County of Los Angeles from anywhere outside of the Southern California Region on or from non-essential travel, including returning County of Los Angeles residents, must self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival. Such persons must stay at home or another place of temporary shelter and away from contact with others, including those in one’s household (unless they are also under quarantine), for a period of 10 days. Quarantine may end after Day 10 if the traveler(s) never had any symptoms and they continue to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after arrival. If such quarantined person develops symptoms of or tests positive for COVID-19 during the quarantine period, they must isolate themselves as required by the Health Officer’s Order for Isolation. For purposes of this Revised Temporary Order, non-essential travel is defined as travel or transportation that is conducted mainly for tourism, recreation, or visitation purposes

For students traveling to KGI to complete in-person labs, Appendix W provides this exception:

The following persons are exempt from the quarantine requirements of this Directive:  

d.) Any person traveling solely for the purpose of performing or training for essential critical infrastructure work, as defined by the State Public Health Officer, which includes but is not limited to essential travel for work and study, critical infrastructure support, economic services and supply chains, health,  immediate medical care, and safety and security, but only to the extent that the employer determines that it would otherwise lack sufficient staffing to perform or train for such work.

The entirety of Appendix W, which describes the travel order in more detail, can be read here.

Case Updates

  • Current Cases: 8
  • Past Cases: 10 
  • Number of cases in the City of Claremont

As a reminder, the KGI Coronavirus website provides all updates and resources in one centralized location for your convenience.

Be well,

KGI COVID-19 Task Force

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