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Below are updates that have been released in the past few weeks by state and local agencies, which we wanted to share with you. As a reminder, all information that is received by the institution can be found on our COVID-19 webpage.

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City of Claremont

The Claremont City Council voted on Tuesday, August 11, to adopt an emergency ordinance setting fines for non-compliance with State and County mask orders. Individuals will be given a warning and offered a mask before being issued a citation for refusing to wear a mask. Citation begins at $100 for the first offense and up to $500 for multiple citations.

  • Park rangers, police aides and reserve officers, and select City employees will issue the citations and warnings. Persons in exempt categories will not be cited.
  • The ordinance creates four “mask zones” in Claremont:
    • Thompson Creek Trail
    • Claremont Hills Wilderness Park
    • Village
    • Village expansion
  • These four areas were identified as areas that consistently have large concentrations of people. In these zones, individuals not wearing a mask would have to prove that they were able to maintain six feet of physical distancing to avoid a penalty, which is a crucial distinction. In the rest of the city, one could still face a fine, but the onus falls on the person writing the ticket to prove that social distancing was not being followed.
  • The boundaries for the two Village areas include the railroad tracks on the south, College Avenue on the east, and Cornell Avenue on the west. The northern boundary for the Village will be Harrison Avenue, and the Village expansion will be Bonita Avenue.
  • The ordinance goes into effect immediately. However, there will be a grace period through Labor Day, during which City Manager Tara Schultz has instructed staff to provide information about the rule instead of issuing citations.
  • Police will only be called if rangers, ambassadors, police aides, or reserve officers encounter a combative individual while attempting to enforce the mask ordinance.

KGI will continue to conduct our classroom activities online through the fall 2020 semester. We have started the process of planning our Spring 2020 return to campus. We hope these resources will help you understand the varying guidance we are receiving for our return to campus plans. As government agencies provide new information, we will keep you updated on our progress. Your safety continues to be our highest priority.

Thank you,
KGI COVID-19 Task Force

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