Dear KGI Community,

The KGI COVID-19 Task Force met this morning during our regularly scheduled meeting. Please see our updates below:

  • There is no new guidance from the government that required action from the task force.
  • Two of the three students tested for the virus have received a negative result. The third test result is due to arrive soon. There are currently no known positive diagnosed cases within TCC. We will notify you immediately if that should change.
  • Human Resources will be sending a separate email with resources and information for all faculty and staff this week.
  • If you find yourself needing to work at KGI’s campus, please make sure that you have your KGI ID badge with you at all times. Campus safety may request it if you are on campus to verify that you are an employee.
  • Dean Grill has developed guidelines that encompass the federal, state, and LA county guidelines on essential research. They have been distributed and will be discussed at the faculty meeting on Thursday.

This is a summary of today’s events based on various media briefings by federal, state, county and city officials:

White House Updates

  • As of Monday afternoon, the US has 41,500 cases with more than 500 deaths.
  • The Pentagon is additionally planning to send a military field hospital to Seattle and New York City later this week to treat non-coronavirus patients and to free up bed space in civilian hospitals.
  • Only two places that have “worked through their curve” are China and South Korea. They went through 8-10 week curves. In the U.S. each state or area will have a different curve. Washington state is two weeks ahead of NYC.
  • Still trying to figure out transmission risk between hard surfaces and fabric surfaces – continues to be a great concern.
  • President sent mixed messages on staying the course and lifting restrictions to avoid significant harm to the economy.

L.A. Department of Public Health/County of Los Angeles

  • Known cases are now at 536 (an increase of 128 new cases; total deaths at 7).
  • 80% of cases are people between the ages of 18 – 65; 42% of the cases are between the ages of 18-40 years of age.
  • 90 cases have been hospitalized to date.
  • All confirmed cases are isolated and contacts as well.
  • 2,500 tests to date; 40% of those tested are positive.
  • Must practice social distancing. It cannot be applied inconsistently.
  • Saturday, the LA County “Stay at Home” order was revised to be consistent with State’s order.
  • The virus is not airborne meaning it does not stay within the air; droplets fall to the ground (not like measles virus).
  • LA County has secured 20,000 tests, with the ability to test 5,000 per day.
  • The tests will be free and healthcare workers and first-responders will be prioritized.
  • Additionally, contracting with a South Korean company to have 100,000 tests per week with the ability to run 30,000 tests per day.
  • Roughly 25,200 tests have been conducted in California.
  • Parks are closed throughout the state.
  • The Navy hospital ship Mercy, based in San Diego, has been deployed to Los Angeles


  • The Los Angeles Community College District reported on Sunday its first confirmed case of the virus at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park. A student there was tested Wednesday after reporting symptoms and is in quarantine and recovering, a letter from interim president Raul Rodriguez said.
  • LAUSD will be out of school for at least six weeks.

As a reminder, all COVID-19 responses and resources can be found on our website. If you have any questions please email

Be well.

Kelly Esperias
Vice President of Institutional Development

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