Mechanosensitive Ion Channel: Deciphering Protein Localization and Structural Adaptations - Keck Graduate Institute April 5, 2024, 12:00 pm Skip to main content
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Aashish Bhatt
Dr. Aashish Bhatt
College of Pharmacy, Western University of Health Sciences

Mechanosensitive ion channels, a type of integral membrane protein, are essential for protecting cells against hypoosmotic shock generated by mechanical stimulation as well as controlling ion flux across cell membranes. In this study, we look at how protein location in the membrane affects several features of lipid binding and permeation routes in the MscS protein. Protein mobility causes structural changes in lipid bilayer membranes, which results in bilayer deformation. Under tension, we see a broadening of the channel for solute entry from extracellular location, demonstrating MscS’s structural flexibility in response to mechanical forces. Our results indicate that even when higher tensions are applied, the internal protein radii do not vary significantly. Furthermore, our findings show that polar residues in the extracellular site favor cation binding while intracellular residues promote anionic ionic binding, highlighting the importance of particular residues in ion selectivity.



April 5
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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KGI 121 Building – Room 1111
121 Bucknell Ave.
Claremont, 91711 United States


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General Public, Faculty and Staff, KGI Students