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If you are a student in the fields of Life Sciences or Pharmacy you will likely pursue a career in the sprawling health care ecosystem comprising innumerable hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, specialized labs and education/research institutions, etc.

The most valuable assets of these corporations and institutions are various types of intangible intellectual property (IP) such as formulas, inventions, brands, and proprietary information. While your future employers likely hire lawyers to manage the legal protection of these assets, you will almost certainly be expected to assist at times with the identification, protection, and monetization of your institution’s IP. 

The purpose of this resource is to provide life sciences and pharmacy students an overview of the various categories of IP and their relevance to these industry sectors. Given the significance of IP assets in these industries, employers may be partial to students who have already acquired an understanding of the significance, and means of legally protecting, these assets. This resource was developed as a KGI Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) project.

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