Welcome to KGI’s Virtual Wall of Gratitude!

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week, Monday, February 13 through Friday, February 17, we invite you to share your kindness story, well-wishes, motivational sayings, and warm words with our community!

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Let’s motivate, encourage, and support one another through kindness!

  • I am thankful for our KGI community. I appreciate all the support from faculty and staff with all of our recruitment and admissions efforts! Looking forward to bringing in another fabulous class this fall. Thank you
     — Sofia Toro

    I’m grateful to come to work each day knowing we get to be part of a mission with global impact. Our students and alumni are changing the world and saving lives and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

    A special shout out to the IDP team – always showing up to make KGI better. Thank you to Lauren, Beth, Alice, Rakib, Kurt, Gabe, Elizabeth, KC, Arty, Ryan, and Shannon for all your hard work along the way!
     — Sharlene Risdon-Jackson

    I appreciate working with colleagues who show up everyday and challenge the status quo. We are an innovative institution, which consistently looks for the next step forward. Innovation Starts HERE. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” – Brene Brown
     — Kelly Esperias

    Love our community for its unique inclusion culture! Collaboration and corporation bring innovation in a much faster way. I am very appreciative of all the kind leadership and co-workers at KGI!
     — Jennifer Jiang

  • What a cool place to work. We are doing amazing things and changing lives! I feel honored to be surrounded by such motivated, compassionate, and hard-working people. Thank you all for creating such a positive workspace. — Shannon Braun

    105372041 thankful and grateful 1024x875 1
    It is a privilege to work with all of you who are so fiercely committed to academic excellence, and the well-being of the students. I am grateful for all the work and dedication of the KGI community. Seeing how the school has managed a transition to remote teaching and work has been an incredible opportunity to see the best of what KGI offers. The leadership of our President, academic deans, my fantastic colleagues on cabinet, faculty, and staff have provided a solid foundation to navigate the last year. Thanks to all of our faculty and staff teams from Academic Affairs, Admissions, Advancement, Alumni Support, Business Office, Corporate Partnerships, Facilities, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Information Technology, Instructional Design and Development, Marketing and Communications, and a special shout out to the Student Affairs Team!

    Student Affairs team (Andrea, Angela, Caitlin, Melissa, Veronica, and Vivian), I am honored to work alongside each and every one of you. I am so grateful for your boundless energy, creativity and steadfast commitment to supporting our students during such an extraordinarily challenging time.

    With deepest gratitude and thanks — Cindy Martinez

    105372041 rise
    I feel so lucky to work in a community that uplifts one another and who all want to see KGI, shine! It has been a challenging year to say the least, and it’s been met with empathy, understanding and encouragement from all across the school. I am especially grateful for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes; our Facilities, IT and Marketing teams really help us ALL out so much!! — Veronica Clairmont

    “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson
    Thank you to each and every one of you for making a difference in our students’ lives. Your dedication and commitment to excellence is evident. I am proud to be a member of KGI’s community. — Cheryl Merritt

    105372041 steps up to the sky
    “There isn’t one giant step that does it – it’s a lot of little steps”
    — Kathryn McNevin

    Our KGI Faculty have pivoted to an online environment in a way that is truly impressive. Changing the way you have been educating and mentoring our students through an online platform is a big change and you all have done so in incredibly creative ways. Thank you for our dedication to our students!
    — Kelly Esperias

    Thank you to the Admissions and Financial Aid team for their heroic efforts during the pandemic! Not being able to travel across the country to recruit our students has been a challenge and their adaptability has been truly impressive. Thank you for your passion, your drive, and your persistence to bring our next generation of leaders here to KGI.
    — Kelly Esperias

    I am beyond thankful to work in an environment where innovation, collaboration, and respect are an everyday practice. I truly appreciate the continuous support and encouragement I receive from my KGI colleagues!
    — Sonia Otte

    KGI friends – we’re going to make it! It has been a hard year and though we’ve lost a lot I am hopeful that we are a community that will come out stronger on the other side, showing our current students and prospective students what a wonderful and welcoming place KGI can be.
    — Lexie Beer

    105372041 kindness
    So very grateful to work in a place that has fought hard to retain as much normalcy as possible during these pandemic times – a place that is inclusive of all individuals, that cares deeply for its community of faculty, students and staff. There is a certain comfort knowing we are all together during this unprecedented time, that I can work remotely knowing my colleagues are all there at any time and that we are all working together toward the continued success of KGI. Wishing everyone a wonderful and kind week. — Leah LaRosa