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We have known for decades that people in underrepresented and underserved communities experience greater disease burdens and die earlier from preventable illnesses than the rest of the population. In many cases, this is due to a bias and distrust between providers and diverse communities. As we look at effective healthcare delivery we see a positive correlation between better disease prevention and health promotion in communities where clinicians and health professionals are actively engaged.

In 2021, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) launched the Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM). MSCM is a fully asynchronous online program that provides training in the emerging sciences, analytics, and technologies of population health, along with the emotional and cultural competency to establish trusting relationships with the diverse communities these providers will serve.

The MSCM degree is a pathway to a career serving community through better health delivery. We hope you’ll join us in this important work.


L.A. Care Employee Benefits

As an employer partner, L.A. Care employees applying to the Master of Science in Community Medicine receive the following benefits:

  1. Expedited application review
  2. Application fee waiver
  3. Guaranteed interview
  4. Personal one-on-one academic and career advising

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About Master of Science in Community Medicine (MSCM) Program

The two-year online Master of Science in Community Medicine program will prepare community medicine practitioners and leaders who work in underserved and underrepresented communities for careers devoted to improving health, preventing illness and injury, and detecting treatable medical conditions early enough to avoid premature death and unnecessary poor health.



All courses will be taught online, asynchronously to increase access to the program from anywhere in the country.



Students identify an appropriate community setting or select from one provided by the MSCM program to serve as the student’s hands-on learning “laboratory” during their second year.

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Graduates will be qualified to work in community medicine immediately, or be prepared to pursue advanced education in healthcare provider professions.

"It’s great to be surrounded by so many inspirational, highly motivated, like-minded individuals. That’s my favorite part of the program—being amongst stellar scholars."
Karina Quiroz
KGI Student
Master of Science in Community Medicine, '23