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Biocon KGI Certificate Program Celebrates 90 Graduates at Convocation

Flickr Photo Album: Biocon Academy Convocation

At a convocation ceremony held earlier in January, Biocon Academy celebrated the graduation of 90 students from the Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences.

“Biocon Academy is the realization of my dream to enable the younger generation to pursue a career in biotechnology, a field with the potential to bring transformative change,” Chief Mentor Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said. “I congratulate all the graduates today who are set to build a fulfilling career in biotechnology. We are enabling young minds to be curiosity driven and out-of-the-box thinkers to partake in the journey of transforming India through the power of biotechnology.”

The Biocon KGI program provides an intensive 16-week advanced learning course and hands-on professional training in diverse areas like molecular biotechnology, biopharma quality assurance and control, CMC regulations, pharmaceutical development, mammalian cell biotechnology, and professional skills development.

The convocation ceremony in Bangalore, India, also included another 20 graduates from the BITS Biocon Program in Applied Industrial Microbiology.

“We are very excited about your future in the bioscience industry,” KGI President Sheldon Schuster said in a video presentation to the graduates. “What drives us and what helped us fulfill this dream is our passion for your success. Seeing you all participate in this ceremony is a very proud moment for our faculty and staff.”

Biocon Academy is a CSR initiative of Biocon, Asia’s leading biopharmaceutical Company. The program is aimed at developing high-end, industry-ready, talent for the Indian biotech sector to address the skill deficit. The Academy aims at enhancing the employability of bioscience graduates by providing them advanced experiential learning through practical training. It has been instrumental in shaping careers of aspiring biotech graduates while bridging the industry-academia gap.

“The holistic approach of the KGI program is focused on enhancing knowledge in biosciences, with practical industry exposure and developing professional management skills, which made me ready for the industry challenges,” graduate Aaishwarya Mathur said. “When I studied biotechnology in college, I realized that there is so much difference between the classroom and the industry, and this gap has been bridged through my learning at Biocon Academy.”