International Blog: April 16, 2018

Hello everyone! Hope everything is going great! This week unlike every other week or most other weeks in KGI was the least stressful. Eager to know why? It was definitely my happiest week! I got four internship offers this week and now it is my turn to choose which one I really want the most. I 100% owe it to the people who helped me at KGI to land these offers, not just the career services team (they played a huge role of course), but just in terms of different people I got to network with through industry talks and info sessions in KGI. I thank each and every one of you as well since I got to share my experiences with you every week—a great stress reliever :).

Just as much I learned how to practice for my interviews, I also learned how to choose positions wisely. I for one had a really tough time choosing between these offers, but being an international student, you are definitely going to have to factor in considerations for potential full-time opportunities with the company. I spoke to KGI alums who are international and who are a part of these companies and understood what they liked and what they did not as the second step and then also factored in the big question “where do I see myself in five years?”

Based on this, I decided to move ahead with Bio-Rad. The position is Regional Marketing Intern and involves Marketing and Data analytics which is something that I am really passionate and excited about. I definitely think I can learn so much through this internship and gain so much experience. I am really looking forward to this internship and even have the most amazing hiring manager. Don’t worry, even though summer is coming, I will keep you updated throughout my internship and continue to share my experiences!

Another happy incident this week was the MBS Retreat which was a huge success. We had Richard Wolf, who is an investment leader at CAPA (one of the world-class investment firms) give us a talk on investments and stocks in healthcare industry. He helped us really understand how to make good financial decisions. We then had mock awards and fun games for our seniors which was amazing and ended with an amazing group picture! Next week is the pre-final week and after that it’s finals week! So I’m powering through, people! Two weeks until this semester is over!

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