International Blog: April 23, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing fantabulous! I think if I had a chance I would rename this week as “Stress level to the power of infinity” week. Imagine having four academic presentations and one huge TMP corporate liaison presentation on-site all during the same week? Looking back, I honestly don’t know how I had the energy to complete each of them over the weekend. Sleepless nights plus 5-6 cups of caffeine gets me through it. I think the ‘highlight factor’ for this week would definitely be my TMP final presentation at Roche. This was my third on-site visit for a company after Illumina and Endologix and I will be ending with Bio-Rad in the summer. I am really looking forward to visiting San Francisco and hopefully, if I have the time, exploring the city a bit! I can’t wait to get the real feel of working in industry experience at Roche. Fingers crossed people! Hope they love our presentation! I will have loads of interesting stories and more to share next week, since I will know the feedback on all my presentations! So stay tuned! Lots more to come!