International Blog: April 30, 2018

Hello Everybody! Hope things are going amazing! We actually had a couple of ‘happening events’ that took place. On May 1, we had an amazing Student Government farewell organized by the Student Services team here at KGI. It was to bid the current student government team farewell and welcome the new team on-board as well. I am happy to announce that I got nominated to be the ‘Multicultural Chair’ at KGI this year and am hoping to do really well and carry the legacy forward that Nikita Malik, the current representative, left behind. She is really amazing and is a lot of fun, so I hope I can fill her shoes! We also have an entire new board and a new team this year and I am really looking forward to working with them.

The second most important event that happened this past week was my Team Masters Presentation for Roche up in Pleasanton, CA. The best part is that the team at Roche loved our presentation and stated that they would love to work with us in the future as well. We were extremely happy that all those sleepless hours and never-ending video call discussions finally paid off! We ended with an amazing team photo and had a great lunch with the team as well. We also had the wonderful opportunity to meet different people in other teams and took a quick tour of the Roche campus. Please do check my Instagram account for the pictures! I am sure you will love them! Other than that, it is all about finishing the final presentations for my courses. Three finals early next week! I really have to get focused—it’s going to be non-stop studying!

#stressmodeon #poweringthroughfinallsweek.