International Blog: April 9, 2018

Hello everyone! Hope things are going really well! I actually had the most stressful week ever at KGI. I had six different interviews with three different companies and all of them were final rounds, and I also had my final presentation in different subjects. I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit on-site for one of the companies (Endologix) and that was definitely an experience that you would want, to get the real feel of a huge company. I was definitely blessed and lucky enough to get that from two different companies—Illumina and Endologix. As exhaustive as this process may seem, it only helps you perform and improves your skills in every way possible.

Some of the other cool events this week was the Behavioral Interview workshop that was organized by the consulting club at KGI. It was like a really good speed dating with rounds to give us real quick interview practice. We also had a wonderful talk from a guest speaker Rebecca who is part of the Convenant Health Network, and she gave us some really good insights about the Post-acute care services in the healthcare industry. Another event that I am looking forward to this coming week is the MBS Retreat, which I am planning to help organize with the Dean and Professor Hickerson. I am definitely looking forward to that one since it is a farewell to the seniors as well and is like a small thank you gift for being such great mentors to us throughout the year. It is true, you don’t just meet people at KGI—you meet another family! I am hoping for some really good news to hear back next week regarding internships, so fingers crossed everybody! Stay tuned for some nail-biting updates next week guys!