International Blog: January 21, 2019

Hello my KGI Peeps! How is everybody? Hope everybody had a fantastic and amazing winter break. Wish you all a very happy new year as well.

I had the most amazing time back in India and spent some quality time with family and my best friends from undergrad and high school. It was such an emotional time for me. I realized how much I missed them over the past 1.5 years that I have been in the United States. But the best part is knowing that you’ll meet some people in life and make such strong connections that no matter however long it is since you see each other, they still remain exactly the same and you laugh and cry over the same silly and little things. I came back with so much love and I’m truly grateful to have such a wonderful family back home to support me.

I also came back with two extra pounds since I was literally fed 6-7 times in one day :P. I was also really happy since all my friends loved the presents I got them—those non-stop 15 hours of Black Friday shopping finally paid off! Back to reality now!

The minute I stepped foot at LA airport, I realized it was going to be a crazy week. We had to immediately drive to the city of Thousand Oaks for our TMP. We spent three days at Amgen and we got so much work completed. I then had to fly to San Diego for another interview and was back home only on Friday. I managed to get some sleep over the weekend and successfully got my body back to the right time zone.

Overall I had such a productive week and it feels great to be back here as well. Are you guys pumped up for yet another awesome spring semester? Make sure to follow @kgiglobal and @keckgrad on IG for news about fun and cool events that are coming up this semester.

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