International Blog: January 28, 2019

Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are having a fantastic week. I have some good news and bad news that I’d like to share with you all. Let’s talk about the good news first, I accepted a new part-time data analyst position with BioCentury this semester. I am really excited and looking forward to it since it involves learning about all the new press releases in the pharma industry and making sure that their database is updated with the same.

The bad news is, since I am stepping into this new role and it involves a lot of work and time commitment, I will not be able to continue writing my weekly blogs. I am definitely bummed about not being able to share my experiences with you all but at the same time it is also a great opportunity to learn about another international student’s experiences and see what they love about KGI and the fun and cool things they are doing! At this point, you are probably tired of hearing my rambling anyway 😛

There are also a bunch of great events coming up this semester starting with the Lunar New Year Taste of Culture event, a visit the Huntington Library and Museum in Los Angeles, and the Holi festival coming up in March, so make sure you’ll have some time blocked off in your calendar this semester to check out these really cool events.

I’m still on Student Government as the Cross-Cultural and Global Diversity Chair and we have some really exciting things coming up this week too! Other than that, I’ll be working on catching up on all my classes this semester. It’s been great sharing my experiences with all of you and I’m looking forward to seeing you all at these fun events. See you on the other side! 😛

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