International Blog: June 18, 2018

Hello Everyone! At my internship, I just keep learning something new every day. I learned how to navigate and use Salesforce and SAP for Business Professionals and it was really useful. I also had an opportunity to attend a trade show and got to witness how much planning goes into putting up one of these shows. Next week, I actually get to present my work to my manager and give my ideas to solve a problem we are working on here. I think I am extremely lucky to be a part of such a great team! It’s very important that you have a good team which helps you or gives you a chance to voice your opinion when you are an intern.

The Bay Area is just beyond beautiful and I truly got to experience its beauty this past week. It felt really good to be exploring the city and I visited my relatives up in Sunnyvale. I even had a chance to visit one of the most prestigious universities in the world–Stanford University–and it was amazing. The entire campus is about 8,200 acres and it looks majestic. I even got to listen to a tour guide about the college’s history. Besides that, I got to enjoy some great Indian home-cooked food and it felt great. That’s the thing when you get to visit your relatives: you get food for the entire week! Saves you all the time for cooking for the week :P.

I am really looking forward to next week and maybe I will explore Berkeley this time? I have all my roommates moving in as well. Super excited for that too! I’ll be back next week with more fun updates! Stay safe! 🙂

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