International Blog: May 14, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope things are going well! I actually can’t believe that we just finished the final week of the Spring Semester. It was one of the best weeks at KGI mainly because some wonderful memories were made last week. After my finals on Tuesday, we had an amazing celebration at Piano Piano, a local dueling piano bar, on Wednesday. If you’ve never heard of a dueling piano bar, it is where two piano players play song requests from the audience and interact with you by telling jokes and playing games. It’s a lot of fun! It was a wonderful party and we had people from all different programs at KGI come. It was great hanging out with them and knowing each of their summer plans.

I was also equally excited about the KGI Commencement held on May 12. I got the wonderful opportunity to be a volunteer for the event and it was amazing. Watching your friends walking that aisle during the ceremony gives you a proud feeling. I literally screamed my lungs out for every person receiving their degree that day! Make sure you visit KGI’s Flickr page and my Instagramfor pictures of the ceremony. The graduating students were even awarded KGI goodie bags as a farewell present, which was wonderful! I personally had a great experience and I even became extremely emotional towards the end. That’s the advantage of being in a small school like KGI: you get close to everyone and when they leave its like part of your family that’s moved on to the next phase of their lives. My heartiest congratulations to all the graduating students! You did KGI and everyone of us here proud!

That’s all from this side folks! Next week is going to be a little hectic since I need to figure out my housing situation for my internship and when I would be leaving. Tooo maaaanyyy things to do and so little time!

#finallydoneanddustedwithfirstyear #iloveKGI